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08/28/2020: We won't be intimidated

08/28/2020: The future requires more from all of us. We need to expand our hearts, minds, and actions as one. A house divided won't stand.

08/28/2020: When you hear a bunch of drones repeating "save our democracy", I can't help but think they wouldn't pass a 5th grade level civics class as adults. The problem is that somewhere along the way we let a bunch of news personalities talk about civics like they know the facts, which they misrepresent through both wilful ignorance and stupidity. Peel it back a bit, they don't know what they're talking about.

08/28/2020: If life were a videogame the true legends all somehow survived on one life for far longer than any others thought possible.

08/27/2020: Well... there are some theories about that. One theory is that WW2 was finalized, the other is that it wasn't.

It depends who you trust. Of course, I'm referring to the "Eastern conflict" only, where there was never a formal resolution.

08/27/2020: Online brokerage websites should have to list all the risks on the listing page. i.e. housing sites for weather risk and fire damage, machines for part failure and environmental liablity, and other kinds of quick disclosures, etc.

08/27/2020: I wouldn't recommend "investing" in crypto-currency ever. I don't own any at all and won't until there is more guidance from the authorities about the longer-term status of everything. So far, we only have the limited guidance. To me, the concept makes sense but of course all the people who want to get rich off of it are pushing too many schemes still. In a lot of ways many of the original benefits I've heard described haven't really seen a manifestation. The risk is that the form and rules around them are still too crude and unproven. They could simply become illegal at any time.

08/27/2020: Tech companies that are losing hundreds of millions of dollars that suddenly decide to go public should spark some push back and questions. The first one that comes to mind: Why now?

08/27/2020: People too affraid of the truth or of being called out for their lies will always result to talking false behind your back. It's a defense mechanism, a strategic weakness of their making, not yours. It will take a far bigger dart to take the real big game down.

08/27/2020: The neocons of today were yesterdays democratic golden children. Remember, the big shift in alignments happened during the 1960's. Most labels and party philosphy hasn't held up with consistency over the years since.

08/26/2020: Small improvements daily will take you as far as needed over the years.

08/26/2020: I haven't really told anyone why I chose to route some of the links in the photo section the way I did. The controls in the photo section are set up in a way to eliminate the need for a mouse and to abstract into a voice control system I built earlier this year. It's simple but here is an overview:

Example Picture: The Fading Sun (2017)

tab will bring you to the "control-link", and shift-tab will bring you to the "optional-link". To go anywhere you've landed, just press enter. So the controls are tab, shift-tab, and enter.

08/26/2020: We cannot continue to allow health care systems and pharma to control the minds and spirit of our populations. It didn't hit me hard until I realized how many doctors offices were misdiagnosing patients with mental health problems after frequent visits for "not feeling well". Each diagnosis and occasional treatment many times were and still are simply to "get better reimbursments for the office". Although this represents a real niche of medicine, it seems to me that doctors rely on it for the wrong reasons completely.

A MD. will make or assume that you're taking certain medication to better your mood or assist with other mental health experiences taking place, but it seems like this system is ripe for abuse and misuse/mismanagement too. All these people taking powerful mind controlling drugs under the disguise of being short term treatment for ailment x, y, z that just keeps expanding every single year? At a certain point it strikes me as a issue of civil rights really. The problem is, just like with opioids being another billable class of drug that lead to over prescribing for pain, so too are the basket of mental health treatment drugs over prescribing for things like attitude issues or not identifying any of the core behavioral breakdowns leading to each of the health issues at hand.

What starts out as a reasonable diagnosis for legitimate cases of anguish or related psychological conditions, morphs into something sickening about meeting quota and fulfilling drug sales/placement goals. In many cases or states this isn't legal but in other situations or areas it is. I don't know the right balance really and it makes me annoyed to think about how broken down these systems are becoming. It just makes me more annoyed when the concept of mental health simultaneously gets distorted in the media too. It's just a dangerous landscape overall that needs to be addressed immediately.

This is something OVERALL when it comes to mental health.

This is another one of those "distortions of facts" if you will that's created by marketing arms of pharma companies, the media, break downs in parenting, poverty, and more. What's the limit on all of this? When the companies are in favor of billing more for sometimes needed but not as often as they're prescribed drugs, people needing legit treatment end up harmed the most really. It conflates those neededing the treatment in an undeniable sense, with those only needing it theoretically through a system-based break down of sorts that's unable to be identified.

Many people experencing fear of abuse, having a serious physical illness that's been hard to diagnos effectively, or experiencing the very real trap of culture fatigue that eats at the youth like a plague these days all contributes to these ailments. Some people feel trapped with no mode to express of fix certain issues, they end up with various mental illness, or physical manifestations of sickness. Some sicknesses are treatable while others are not. You defintely end up with many cases of dumbing down someones ability to grow away from certain emotional issues/problems too through their own methods by creating a culture of over prescribed mental health meds.

08/26/2020: If you're a US citizen, you shouldn't serve another country too. You have a lot of people here that actively serve two countries. It can't be tolerated in various instances.

08/26/2020: Some people need rewards to prove to others how special they are. Other people don't care about those empty badges.

08/25/2020: postgresql is amazing of course but it's a pain to work with from upgrade to upgrade or when you have a full partition and need to change anything on the fly. If you happen to mess up a binary/folder-cloning routine you're in for major problems if it's not done correctly on the first attempt. This is even more important if the data is alive/live. There are two ways to get out of the hole that I've found and they aren't entirely documented either so it takes a few work arounds depending on what kind of hierarchy is going on with system folders.

It's a big problem if you're not use to some of the weird things that happen on various systems. Unless of course you're Linus jr. themself or better. For me the sure-bet work around took a good amount of hours.

08/25/2020: When it's about to end, someone always steps up. If no one does, it's your turn.

08/25/2020: I recently finished a marathon build out of a framework that's been under development for a long time. Waiting until the end to "lint" everything was a great decision that I made accidentally.

Linting it out at the end allowed me to reexplore the code base and make changes to the syntax so that everything that wasn't alike could be refactored with "finalized consistency". I didn't get everything up to the 9/10 level desired, but almost all of the scripts are far better than they were, now are consistent, and I have a truly unique/hardened code blueprint ready for the patent office. Feels amazing to have the library ready for publishing, the code ready for peer review, and the patent requirements met with industry standards.

08/25/2020: This "Zoom College" stuff is... well... a waste of time in my opinion. Stop stealing from teenagers and putting them into debt! It's one thing if it's virtual Harvard, it's another if it's not even the same quality as what you would get on youtube for free. Come on man.

08/25/2020: If you want a custom meta-link page on CORE.HOST I'll make you one for $120. You can do some pretty interesting SEO consolidation and high capacity mirror related things with the url. I didn't intend to create a search engine, but I just finished the beta for that and the results are more or less the same as being on competeing engines. By the end of this year I'll have an entirely new web built. It will have a search engine, a new and open source operating system, software tools for media, social networking, and hosting.

08/25/2020: Having bad parents disables the child, preventing all of their potential while in school. This happens regardless to whether they're actually disabled or not. It then becomes the determination of the child alone that can slowly build away from the victim mentality that they're expected to develop in this case.

The kids that have the worst parents (the ones who act kind and caring but are actually terrible people) then get stuck in a system that tells them they're disabled or not capable while their parents get to blame the school and the kid, instead of the actual culpurate.

When the parents are bad and it isn't the child the guilty party is the parents.

Some people shouldn't be parents ever. It's not a planned thing for many people out there these days or probably for much of history. In my opinion "Baby boomers" and now their kids who have also had kids may be some of the worst parents and much of that isn't there fault. This has become a generation to generation issue involving equality that's now become hard to address for everyone.

I feel like the culture of this last generation was consumed by this idea that was sometimes entirely driven by inflated ego (mostly due to excess media consumption and idolizing random stars). In ways this was so delusional and harmful to their kids because of the downward pressures it created that many of them became herion adicts or commited suicide over the past 15 years. Even more so in certain low income areas across the country.

These parents exhibiting excess ego which leads to excess pride, actively harmed their kids not only as children, but indefinitely as adults. Many of them missed everything. This happened due to their lack of reason, planning, or commitment to future generations. A lot of it was consumed. When you want to ask why we have such a fucked up set of problems facing our youth today, just look at the weakness exhibited by previous generations and the factors that caused each of these deficiencies both in them and our culture.

08/25/2020: The USA only needs 1-2 University programs per state. Having 10 is just a scheme when you look at how many people graduating never achieve upward mobility. We need to consider the damage done by allowing these poorly functioning systems to continue to influence our society so heavily.

The true burden facing the nation is bloated institutions unwilling or unable to be reformed.

08/25/2020: Going to a good school has never guaranteed you'll have a better plan.

08/24/2020: If you're building something new, or in my experience something that has taken years to develop and will push current tech into a new frontier, it's not wise to hold onto each and every part as you're building everything out. It's best to selectively leak good parts out that are beneficial to the entire industry without revealing the functional parts of the technology you're building. This way, later, when you have the exact system built, you still retain almost all of your patent rights on core features while most likely being able to partner with large providers who have already come in and established dominance in the general ideas. Having a capable licensing partner is actually better than having to bring something into the market alone and then defend it. That's VERY expensive. It can be done, but is easier with established helpers.

Why risk having others beat you to market? Because marketing is expensive and you'll need all the help you can get to reach the critical mindshare required to implement something unique and new at scale. If you're starting out you don't want to seed the market alone. You want other companies spending their money to do your marketing for you, and when the time becomes right, supplementing their push with your new sauce. That way, when your product launches you're already in a position to take advantage of market momentum. Building this kind of momentum alone isn't feasible without 10-20 million. I only know a few entrepreneurs who understand how to make those types of raises happen. That's why it's probably safe to assume those numbers are hard to attain alone until you're already in the Series B range.

08/24/2020: A lot of the smart people you knew from high school will end up becoming some of the worst members of our society. I haven't figured out why this happens but from my experience it's usually some fear they have of being average that makes them hyper focused on things that matter very little to others.

08/24/2020: There is nothing weaker than someone so demoralized from constant media consumption that they've made it there mission in life to continue to fall into each set trap, everytime.

08/23/2020: If you don't know what they're now doing with facial recognition technology (gait detections, eyes only identification, system-command aggregation and profiling without warrants) you shouldn't be able to tell people it's fine. The bad guys use to be able to get a face lift and live out their lives in peace. Now, they would also need to change the way they walk, move, and fart (yes, anything that generates a heat profile such as farting is detected and aggregated in some cases too, along with all other involuntary human actions). I get keeping people safe, but there aren't any controls on these technologies at all and I find them to be the most creepy yet. It's a joke in many ways.

08/23/2020: The USA has been through many trying times over the years and has never been in a complete state of "rest". You may think that it's never been this bad but that wouldn't be accurate. Believe it or not, during a few stretches it's been even worse - even more divisive. Things will return soon, but it won't be through raising more sheep. Eventually the general public will have to understand who the wolves are.

08/23/2020: So, let's debate quickly something of consequence for many alt computer operators. What is the most elite interface of them all? Well, we have many to choose from so I'll list a couple here. We have some of the main interface projects such as XFCE, KDE, GNOME, Deepin, and MATE. Then, some of the more advanced-user desktop window managers, like i3

So what's the best one? That's a hard question to answer as they're all developed with different packaging and "power user" philosophy. If you're starting out, the most widely supported seems to be either KDE or GNOME. I've used all of them over the years and have to say, XFCE is becoming the most clean of the bunch now - but they're all solid. At this point, if I was using a non-standard window manager, i3 is incredible if you're able to write and understand custom bindings. I can't help but feel i3 like managers will eventually be the default in the future. How would I describe an i3 like manager? Something that allows you to bind your brains needs to the graphical representation of actions on your screen. When you no longer have to use a mouse and can simply talk to your computer and have it respond, or hit keys on your keyboard and have it perform a series of complex actions, you're getting into the future. That being said, the true depth of the "main" desktop envs are amazing at this point compared to say, 2008, before widespread bug fixes. Most of these simply just "work".

Really, there isn't much of a debate here beyond personal preference these days. If you're getting into linked packages and the larger software universe around each environment, you can't go wrong with GNOME or XFCE. Remember, the desktop environment is crucial but the software and middlelayers underneath are even more important. If you lock into one without remaining open minded about others, you may miss out on some of the lesser known benefits of each universe. Two projects that are very well documented at this point make these optimal for graphical needs, but complete customization has never been more powerful (i3).

08/22/2020: There is only one future for the internet. That is a future free of all corporate influence online. Unless of course you're opting in to what they're selling. It shouldn't be your job to opt out. The internet is a public utility, not a private wheel.

08/22/2020: Calling someone a "Karen" is rude, racist, sexist, ignorant and hurtful to many. If you don't see this, ask yourself, if someone made up some umbrella term to describe a non-related string of events that happened to be your name and then used it as an insult across the internet, would you find that appropraite? Stop with these double standards; stop putting things into writing that generalize groups of people and publishing hurtful material for the "effect" of it... PERIOD.

08/22/2020: The real cause of everything evil in this world is poverty. It drives all negative outcomes.

08/21/2020: A lot of the bad reputation that federal branches get are the result of years and years of incompetence at the state level. We're talking about states that for 40-80 years have promoted policy that never was and never will be constitutional. Maybe half of the states or less have been managed properly over the years. The other half are close to destruction due to lack of leadership, transparency, and vision. Violence is only one of the results of mismanagement. The others are poor health and lack of citizen joy.

I believe that on a state to state basis, if the governors focused on citizen health, joy, and transparency, the USA would be in a far better position in as little as 10 years. If you want to find out what state is being run into the ground, look into income inequality, health system burden/debt, local government borrowing issues, federally indicted local officials, and cost of living. If these metrics are out of wack the state itself could be a part of the problem.

That being said, there remains a variety of issues still needing fixing at the national level too. It can take generations to iron out most of these problems because the cases to decide these things take years or longer to be brought through due process.

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