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RyanMcKenna.com is managed by a small team of web developers and with that being the case, not all features on this site may work as well as they may under the umbrella of a large corporation, or government agency.

However, this doesn't mean security and safety here aren't still our highest concern.

Web admins of this website will never work on the servers hosting this virtual site through a public wi-fi or other unsecured private connections. This site may be worked on through private hotspots or other secured portals. Even with restrictions in place, malicious actors can still find ways to get into and alter the server code running within the hosting providers data centers. For that reason.

You use this website without any sort of warranty expressed or implied to you in any form.

Within the context of the laws of the United States of America, this site is meant to be interpreted as entertainment only. Being an entertainment website, it may be subject to various copyright restrictions.

Trademarks displayed here that are not owned directly by RyanMcKenna.com are not further licensed to the visitors and users of this website in any way. Any trademark directly owned by this website may have limited uses available and you should contact the site admin before using them elsewhere.


Terms of Service

At any time this site has the right to ban you for excessive requests in the form of unregulated or indiscriminate web-crawler or scraping oriented data-harvesting "bots". General misuse of this site is enforced by the site owner according to their own principles of safe "site maintenance". Misuse may arise in clear or sometimes hard to understand ways, so occasionally a full "high-level" block will result from something that may seem arbitrary to a visitor. We reserve the right to make these types of judgement calls and do so when warranted.

There may be ideas presented on this site that are the copyright of another party, or that are owned by someone else but have been provided here under a general understanding of shared use. When someone else has their content shared here, as the copyright holder, they will have the right to take it down though formal means. Without expressed permission from the respective owner, do not reproduce this websites content according to your own creative desire. This means that a visitor of this website doesn't have the right to reproduce the collection and presentation of these ideas either. This doesn't apply to factual information aquired elsewhere in the public domain.

There may be a cookie set on this site. We do our best to limit the information we collect and store to that of data resulting from your usage here and other pieces of information that may need to be collected to operate and manage the website.

If you don't have a VCNKEY™ (www.VCNKEY.com) and are attempting to access the user portal, forget it, you're unable to do so. The New Entity Framework doesn't allow anyone to use a protected portion of a web portal without explicit permission.

Therefore, by using this site, you agree to not try and tamper with security mechanisms, both in experimentation and by doing so in adhoc means for your own enjoyment or learning.

If that's your thing and you notice anything funny and "matter of fact" that may be wrong, contact the admin of the site with your ideas and they may be implemented.

Because of the nature of the user portion of this website, it is possible that even when you've been granted access to the portal, you may be offended by what someone has to say or share. If you're not able to engage in productive discorse regarding the topics discussed, and you're not willing to use the site to create a tolerant atmosphere, please, leave the site and try another community.

All content on this site was developed from scratch by Ryan McKenna using a series of appropriately licensed software products, such as Python and some of the languages addon packages. We make no warranty about these tools being safe or fit for use and by using this site you agree to waive any claim against the website, website operator, or it's admins resulting from security or other unforeseen problems that may arise.

Any photo content that's downloaded on the site that is outside the designated "photo gallery" .zip and .gz files is not owned by the downloader and a copyright grant isn't made when you download these images. Any photo collection downloaded in the clearly marked "Downloads" section will transfer 1, non-transferrable copyright license to the downloader where they're able to then use those images for personal use. These files are not to be shared or transferred. These photo gallery files are not to be used in commercial situations either without a fully detailed agreement with the website operator.


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