Ryan McKenna


Business Development - I've been building and working through business development decisions since 2008 and have navigated some complex issues around local, state, and federal compliance, as well as issues encountered while creating early-stage products.

Management - I've been the Chief Executive of various companies and have either closed them in good standing or continued each one.

Python - I started programming Python with some friends in high school before anyone knew what it was. Since 2013 I've spent over 300 hours each year studying and building with the language.

Linux - Have built multiple variations of Linux systems from the Kernel up. Also have experience dealing with them on live networks, doing forensics, automating logging and threat management and other things.

Full-Stack Development - I can build relational database driven applications in SQL and noSQL environments. Have built full-platforms in Ruby, PHP, and Python.

Programming Languages - Started studying C programming in 2002. Since I was in Middle school then it was only possible because I had another friend named Jordan who had an interest in Java at the time and also would talk through basic computer science concepts with me.

Linux System Administration - Experience with apparmor, SELinux, standard linux.

HTML5 - At one time I knew a ton about HTML5, but mainly use it for structuring documents now a days.


Information Technology
Business Management
System Administration
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