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Ryan McKenna manages market-ready technology projects and serves as the CEO of New Entity Operations Inc.

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UPDATED: 02/06/2022

There will be peace... If we make it so. 

There will be good when we work for it. But how long must we work?

Or is it better to ask how honest this work must be?

It has to be long enough to remember what it is we want to build. By putting in the hours, days, and years. 

But what are we building?

A better world. 

How can we build a better world without prosperity? What is a better Earth without better knowledge of the Sun and stars?

Do we have to know it all before we go, or can we know just enough to have some fun?

If we have fun we'll leave this place with insight and true friends. Yes, this does seem reasonable and good - something worth working to build.

We must not stop working with a smile and a cheerful heart if we are to break this hold - because in all my days I've never seen fun without either.

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