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Building, reading, and learning as much as I'm able. Some of my favorite things are computer systems, programming, ancient history, self-improvement, learning about the mind, and living in the United States during such a difficult yet full of potential time period. I've lived in California and Pennsylvania for most of my adult life and wow - there has been a lot out there to comment on. How many amazing stories and people have there been along the journey? A LOT!

This world isn't all good on every day and during every moment, but it's mostly good on mostly all the days in mostly all the moments. That counts for something, right? This world is definitely always interesting too - oh yeah - mysterious too!

It would be great to talk to you some time about computers, math, behavioral psychology, building a better USA, or something interesting. A good mystery is something that I like right now and I have some great tools to figure out ones that other people might get stuck on.

I wrote this whole site out in a terminal emulator without any spell checking software, so if you notice a typo, let me know and I'll fix it soon! :)

If you want to talk, check out my contact section and reach out. Unfortunately, I no longer have my old number so you can't reach me on that line anymore. I check my messages a few times a month and respond to most people that leave enough contact details or interesting comments.

Lately, I've been thinking about this a lot when working towards shared and attainable goals: If you don't give up, I won't either. If we don't give up - others surely are to last as well. That means we can build great things together.

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