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I've been living in San Francisco for the past three years and although the times are tough these days for many including myself and others that I know, I'm happy to be here now and also to have had the opportunity to experience the city during this time.

It feels eye opening in many ways and also uneasy here in SF right now. The pressure that the times have created has made my work better and more focused but personally I've never experienced anything like the Pandemic and mostly everyone now agrees. Right now, I'm focusing on how I can elevate my work, include new business/creative contributors, and become a force to fix the things in our society that are broken and within my power to change.

The past few months has required me to reevaluate many things. I'm sure others see it too but even in the combined struggle there is a unique comfort in lasting with others and seeing people sticking it out in such a dense city too.

These days, most of my time is spent on writing and studying information policy. This has brought me into many realms and over the years I've had to become familiar with various professional worlds through that.

There are many stakeholders involved and I've had to come to understand their worlds. I've had to dive head first into learning computer programming, law, business, and philosophy. At the moment, I'm enjoying all of these things and find the scope of each fascinating.

If you would like to chat some time there is a secure contact form here!

If you're here because you've heard about me in the business community I can help you with various projects that we do entirely in house. No contractors at all. We no longer contract out because of how spotty certain folks were for us in the past, and we stand entirely behind all of the work we do today. Over the past three years we've become world class at implementing various digital services. I know that I can cut your server costs and blueprint down to a highly optimized digital instance built for the future. The company doing this kind of work is New Entity Operations Inc. If you reach out to us in the contact section, we'll relay your message to them if it's appropriate.

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