Ryan McKenna


Most of these were written at earlier dates. Post date reflects nothing in particular really.

09/24/2020: I'm in favor of another round of stimulus but the payments should be even and without regard to income. I know it seems fair to give lower income familes more cash but it gets too partial when you start splitting hairs over all sorts of qualifying events. The reality is that without more stimulus money we're going to be facing an even worse situation come October-Nov. There are too many people in congress trying to get other items passed with the next stimulus as part of a bundled package. This isn't a good time for a bundle.

09/23/2020: The Kings come and go. Yes, the Kings, they come and they go.

09/23/2020: Documentation writing is an underrated part of developing serious software. Serious "coders" or "programmers" often create amazing projects but can't convey why the projects are useful or lack vision and clarity while explaining the code to others. Average coders who document well and have precise vision will eventually get serious code types on board to make everything industry quality. Really, the key to good software is having it work first, be well documented second, and finally optimizing it with high-level "coders" last.

09/22/2020: There are people that read the headlines and others that read the book. The headline readers are clueless and overconfident in their outspoken nature many times. The book readers are often quiet and reserved.

09/22/2020: If you're in the business of publishing content that is then paid for by a series of parties as a part of some contract having to do with quantity of engagement, you will have incentive to cut down on the cost of delivery as much as possible. What has been the ultimate cost cutter for publishers and many content distributors online for a few years now? AI generated "just good enough" systems. Systems that do the job say 97.5% of the time, or within some sort of similar error rate.

These AI systems are niche specific, special purpose, or general. Some have very specific purposes while others operate broadly and don't have as much definition. In content production they are paid for under use contracts or created in house and act as replacements for all kinds of internal/external functions. This is one of the reasons the news was so crazy in 2019 and beginning of 2020 and still is at times lately. It's because many humans aren't even writing the initial articles anymore because it isn't cost effective to generate just one article when you can generate 100 and then compare them all for effectiveness before roll out. For many in this business, effectiveness would be evaluated based off of it driving traffic, getting clicks for something of interest to a partner, or whatever it may be.

An editor will still edit whatever article is chosen by addding/subtracting certain details or errors made by the generator. However, the base article gets generated in many cases according to needed SEO trends, sentiment desired, or what may have happened before, what's happening now, and even what will happen after. Many articles just became one giant SEO fight since these models had incentive behind them. It brought in a certain insufferable style to "journalism" that many people now don't even like reading in some cases. The AI are getting excellent at killing off other companies trends and replacing them with their own reach purley as a tactical move to gain advantage.

I wonder what this will do to the news over the years? Will this eventually make people demand more or will no one notice?

09/17/2020: There is an element of each main political party that is bad for our country. Bad for the world too. These are small portions of each party - maybe 10-15% of each side, but I'm not sure the exact number. If you're unable to see problems with certain views being pushed through the ranks of "your" side, you're not taking a logical view and contributing to the problems we have. We may need to form a 3rd party again that's reformed and serious. Yes, I'm talking about the middle ground party. I'm talking about bringing back the Democratic-Republican branch but with a modern update. I prefer a strict reading of the constitution because that was what was intended by the founders. Personal freedom and states' rights. There is value that seems natural under the law when evaluating a more egalitarian approach to government than what ends up unfolding with the promises of neo-liberalism that end up working for so few people.

09/17/2020: Will we dare to stand in the face of injustice with our fellow man who stumbles not by their own creation but by the shortcomings of what was? Or will we let them fall through our own idle thinking and disassociated ways? We need to fight for the basic and true dignities of this life, without imposing the articificial rules of injustice and structural difficency in law, making them the excuse to continue such short-sightedness. We need to be better while demanding more for each and every person that walks in the shadows of this world. We need to do our duty in making the old ways of poverty and judgement a phase that never returns to this earth.

09/16/2020: Eliminate 125 pages of notes, gained 44 pages of consolidated and dense power.

09/15/2020: There is a limit to how many companies can make money in online advertising. There is an even more severe limit on how many of those same companies can make a profit doing this at scale. You can't create more "engagement" without inventing new tricks. The public is getting too smart for just any gimick now. The future of online advertising will take new experiences or mechanics built around real interest. The problem is the industry was built out on artificial interests and unnatural behavior. The evolution of online ads will break these boundries down.

09/15/2020: It's easy to do the most difficult tasks early in the morning. Starting at 5-6am each day is the optimal schedule for me. That allows any task for the day that's difficult to be well underway or even completed by noon. I find the afternoons better for personal time, self reflection, social outreach, creative tasks, and non-structured breaks. The evening is best spent with family and on reducing anxiety or stress built over the course of the current day.

09/14/2020: Would I sell everything I've ever built over the years for 250M and then just fade away afterwards? No, I'm not that kind of person. An exact and perfect mechanism is priceless and as good as a form of art as any through out history. I plan to give away all of the art I've created as if there was no buy in required; there is no need for money to play the game I'm creating, just a need for correctly ordered parts to get us beyond the points we find ourselves stuck over digitally.

09/14/2020: Um... yeah. You don't know how to code if you haven't built a library by yourself. There are stages of programming, and many useless programmers think they have it down because they've downloaded some things and clicked a few buttons. Although you can get some points for understanding that methodology, you haven't coded anything. To expand on this, if you use some pre-builts to make your own processes, routing, or other items of customization, you "sort of know how to code". So, the first stage is using packages or pre-builts. That'll get you a WordPress or a basic Django app or whatever. That doesn't mean you can code yourself, although you may be able to implement something of value for someone else. Doing this just means you know how to download code, package it, and run it. There is zero competitive advantage in this.

Then there is another level. "Knowing how to code". This means that you're using the syntax of a given language to create customized behavior according to the known limitations of that language to solve real problem constructs in an exactly defined way. Thus, you're aware of the implementation choice and the limitation of that choice in solving the problem in front of you. This requries you to be able to see the foundation of the problem that's being solved at the most basic levels. The X=? the Y=? level. A programmer takes these basic abstractions and makes them functional as an exact solution. Then X=some process, and Y=some other process. All of these processes have been defined by you, using the limitations of the language you have chosen to explain such reasoning in a way that isn't outside of your control. This is "programming". Downloading and running code isn't programming.

A side note. You should assume based off of the history of computing that only 1 concept will remain true... Anything that works well today that's not owned and created by you, will eventually have to be built and created by you or someone you trust at a later date all over again. The parts of the equation come and go but your knowledge and distribution of the correct concept remain forever.

09/14/2020: AGPL is one of those odd licenses that doesn't define enough to make it safe to include in any repackaged libs. I'm not sure what license is the best "silver bullet" but I know it's not AGPL. Maybe MIT (generally) or BSD3 (depending on the type of project)? GPLv3 is okay for various free software projects, but isn't always good for commercial projects. Licenses definitely do matter.

09/14/2020: You meet a lot of very naive business owners over the years. This is more true in fields like Information Technology where the barriers to entry are somewhat low compared to other industries. It takes many years of walking before you can run in this line of work. Too much to learn, too many parties to understand before you're able to compete.

I was approached a few months ago by an entrepreneur who told me he would like to acquire my technology/business. His goal was to eventually compete against Oracle. I stopped the fellow after that idea was so freely exchanged and ended the talks immediately. I asked... "Do you know who you're looking to compete against? Larry Ellison built one of the most well positioned companies in the world. I don't think framing your pitch as competing against him or his company is a good recruiting strategy. You told me you only have 12 Million available cash."

12 Million is a lot of money, no doubt, but it's not enough to "compete toe-to-toe against Oracle".

09/13/2020: If you decide to stir up a dragon, you'll be in for quite a difficult time without the correct equipment to defend yourself afterwards. The reality is that "Dragons" are real, but defending against them is impossible. They simply don't have known counter attacks. The real key in fantasy and in life is understanding who they are and avoiding them entirely.

09/12/2020: Bill Gates, one of the greatest business figures in the world and one of the few entrepreneurs over the past 100 years to be able to follow an organic business model towards creating a class of devices, software, and services that have benefited so many global entities, is now suddenly being viewed as suspicious simply because he understands vaccine research and deployment? I really don't know where it will end at this point. The unfounded criticism of others from less qualified people who have zero skin in the game is a problem right now. If everyone who does good or who has spent their entire life building things the public needs is all of the sudden open to unfounded claims from people who have an agenda or who are brainwashed by some media narrative that has no basis in reality - we won't be able to solve the big problems of today.

That kind of random and unfounded banter isn't in the public interest and shouldn't be amplified by the press. Without Gates, Allen, and Ballmer, computers in the general market could've been controlled by an assortment of international entities that would've been a disaster for the USA. I view the work they did as national service really. Gates being involved in public health isn't a bad thing because of how he processes and handles abstract problems. He won't be there to help if all he is met with is baseless attacks.

The three noted here have also enabled a lot of international projects focused on mobility and communities too. Putting certain systems and devices into a standardized position was there for the taking and it's better that they did it than some other outside force. I wish people wouldn't be so focused on expertise silos as much as problem solving ablity. Needing proof someone is an expert in a silo or that they don't have a hidden agenda is sort of counter productive when what the problem needs is leadership and fulfillment.

09/11/2020: Doing some studying today. Also have a weekends worth of catch up work to do but I'm still excited for the weekend. Looks like the smoke should clear a bit but I'm still hoping it clears even more than expected soon!

09/10/2020: Yesterday while getting coffee I caught the barista putting soy in my drink. I said, "Soy?". They go, "Oh sorry, did you want actual milk?". :(

09/10/2020: Day trading in such extreme volatility isn't recommended. Ask any expert over the long run in stock/bonds/securities. They warn against speculating. What do we have right now? Tons of unsophisticated investors speculating on the ups and downs of the market. You may look like a genius one day and a complete dotard the next.

The only plan I've ever seen for investors that will work over the long term: buying undervalued companies in expanding markets with at least a 10 year view. When the ipod was coming out I plowed all my resources into Apple as a kid after reading some WB shareholder letters to Berkshire members. I remember thinking - wow, people will definitely want a digital and portable entertainment system for years to come. After that, you're just betting on the Entrepreneur/Leadership. So, methods on investing based off of product demand, positioning, and value seem more reasonable than say, what an ominous stock market curve will do from day 1 to 2 to N.

09/10/2020: There is a limit to a neighborhood car alarm going off in the middle of the night before it becomes an issue for me. 8 hours of alarm in the middle of the night definitely exceeds that threshold. At that point the car owner is an asshole.

09/09/2020: Yeah. Something does not seem right today in SF. I would usually be like "just the fires". No... dogs are coughing from the air and it's pitch-black during the day?

Here, check this out. This was at 9 in the morning... When the Sky Turns (2020)

09/08/2020: Hollywood has lost much of the power they held for the last 100 years over let's say, the past 3 years or so. The one part of the industry they still control is mega-movies. The famous "MEGA" is something that has such an absurd budget that only a group of well funded and connected producers tied to royalty could produce such a film at all. Everything else is slowly being produced through alternate channels.

Now, people with huge social followings that aren't controlled by traditional media are the ones making money daily through a variety of influencer partnerships. It's getting very interesting to see what "celebs" are becoming desperate with their attempt to amass a following because they can see the writing on wall that they may no longer be able to extort studios on losing movies, demanding such crazy pay. That's why you see these desperate actors voicing support for whatever idea is currently popular so they can hopefully pick up a few fans. You can see right through this once you know it's happening.

Most of those "in the business" aren't really any good anymore compared to classicly trained actors/actresses that are getting popular through social media and direct to consumer programming. Classic method acting is dead outside of the indies and these now huge direct to consumer media companies such as Netflix. It's probably a good thing, the industry became a joke after 1995, and now a bunch of more intellegent, better prepared moguls have moved in with a new model that will be impossible to unseat for many years.

09/08/2020: Watched some of 'Million Dollar Beach House' - Greed could be summed up by the pathetic style portrayed in this series. Aka a bunch of people with disgusting greed without any vision or purpose. What I'm saying is that people who get rich in finance and then buy into the life style described in this show have horrible taste and are awful people.

09/08/2020: The stock market is looking almost like a perfect storm for a correction. A lot of the Fed buying has stopped/slowed. In my eyes, this was the main reason for the rally post COVID-19 crash. Almost all the companies that looked bad then look bad or worse now.

Corporate debts are rising without collectable receivables. Revenue is falling too in a majority of the sectors, especially in retail businesses and commercial real estate sectors. Consumer demand hasn't been hit as hard as some would have thought, but this won't hold if the pandemic causes shut downs for even a few more months.

Tech stocks that were able to lead the rally over the past 5 months are running out of steam and they're increasingly breaking non-aggression pacts between each other, thus competeting for each others core businesses after years of this being off limits. What products are they being funded for? I see no long term vision for a lot of those same tech companies. The entire market has been built on a tech rally over the past 30 years. It eventually no longer has enough revenue to fuel that growth moving forward, and a lot of it has to do with leverage. Leverage will become more difficult to achieve.

Any competitive advantage these same US tech stocks have now will continue to be challenged by state-backed and aggressive entities abroad.

A lot of the non-leader internet/service stocks are all "following on" i.e. copying products from the leaders in hopes they gain some share before it's too late. Folks, this will only work with 1-5% of these companies. Following on is never a good strategy in these kinds of uncertain markets unless you have the ability/resources to commoditize the product. Almost none do now or will later.

09/07/2020: My neighbor from a previous location who is now 82 said that working on Labor Day isn't American (not referring to essential workers of course). People once "made more plans with friends for the day, had more fun". I guess that makes sense. It's an honorary day and if you're not abiding by it you're technically ignoring it and what it stands for. I don't even think about work like that anymore though. Projects are a part of each of my days, just like eating or sleeping and they have been for many years now. Maybe it's better to say, "Stressing over work on Labor Day is not American". That makes more sense to me.

09/07/2020: There really doesn't seem to be a good plan in SF right now for things like housing. I saw this guy snarl and go after a random woman recently. Also, some guy threw a razor blade at my crotch while I was walking around after chanting into the sky about who knows what. Luckily, it bounced off my zipper but it makes you think what some of these people are on. I had spoken to some people in LE about it and they had commented it mostly is Methamphetamine related these days. That stuff is a foul poison - never see anyone recover from it once they're homeless. It's a double edged sword too because a lot of the use starts once people are already homeless for other unrelated issues.

09/07/2020: Mostly every major engineering breakthrough takes a serious level of dedication to achieve. Anyone can invent something because they want to be an inventor. However, only a very small number of those same people can invent something relevant and viable for production. A lot of people are trying to be inventors online by relying on patent grab style extortion. This strategy is actually fairly weak and hardly ever holds up long term. True commercialization requires marketing. Marketing is both expensive and theoretical. It often will require both time and luck, beyond the obviously neeeded expertise.

09/07/2020: I had an opportunity to tour Edison's office some years back and left with one impression. Without iterations and exact plans, nothing of value can be created anymore.

09/05/2020: Zhukov's defense of Stalingrad is interesting. Going west to attack the lightly reinforced supply lines instead of backing up an almost entirely defeated critical city forced the German army into a deep-winter survival situation they weren't prepared for. I remember reading that the battle was thought to be over but within a few weeks no more supplies were flowing to the city from the west at all. This pinser move was quite effective multiple times for Zhukov through out the war but mainly in this battle.

A shelling zone from the east was a brutal move that would've attacked all remaining occupants of the city from both sides and was expected. This never really happened. Instead the Soviets went west and cut off all lines in and out as a matter of extending the conflict into worse seasonal conditions. I remember reading somewhere that the only objective was to push the conflict to winter once they realized 85% of the city was taken. Well, eventually it got very cold. There was no more supplies coming in to the German occupants. It became a really awful situation. The needed move ended up becoming a strong defensive choke hold. It's still one of the largest blunders of WW2. It was an ego driven battle that didn't work out well for anyone besides Zhukov.

09/05/2020: Yes. There is someone behind the curtain controlling more than you could possibly imagine. It's similar to the Wizard of Oz, except there is no wizard - just some machine in a room calling the shots.

09/05/2020: SF was the first city in the country to lockdown and it got weird here first. This happened fast back in March and the effect of everything was clear by April. It's been months and months now - a city built on tourism without tourist.

For a while there, it was zero to near zero activity. Retail locations gone everywhere you could possibly look and everyone for a while there was acting just a bit odd and distant. Today feels like a glimmer of something hopeful and I'm sure it's because of the sunshine, but a lot of people are out and the energy seems more cheery than I've noticed since last year. At a certain point we need to get back to normal - with or without a virus that isn't really effecting a large portion of the population.

09/04/2020: Without resources you can't gain ground. Without struggle nothing can be gained. Too many resources doesn't develop a fight inside of anyone. A fight is required to break down difficult barriers. Clear thinking is like the hand that never leads astray.

Resources, Struggle, and Clear thinking. Progress is the sweet spot of the balance between all of these.

09/04/2020: Every time the USA has engaged in a full and dedicated national effort, the effort has always been achieved.

09/04/2020: Some people say that cyber-bullying is the worst it's ever been. Although the impact is at times greater today because of the increased network reach available, the targeted and violent nature of the mid 2000 era when I was in middle/high school was producing much worse and by far more violent threats from others who were unstable. I saved some chats that I received over the years from random people, and looking back at it, they should have been reported. I may share some chats with all the names of the individuals redacted so people can see what I'm talking about.

I made sure to keep tabs on all these folks over the years, the ones doing the violent threatening of me and my family. All of them are now either in prison for reckless behavior that's unrelated to me, or they died of drug overdose since. It makes you wonder how they felt about that kind of behavior? Did they ever know it was so violent? What was going on with their families at the time?

There is a difference between implied and actual threats. The stuff these crazies said to me then would've been national news today because it was so extreme/sick.

It's funny, while this was going on my school kept telling my Mom I was withdrawing and doing poorly... I wonder why. Obiviously.

It got much worse before it got better for me, and was never as bad once I grew out of my awkward phase. It also helped that I started training in various martial arts and became a difficult opponent in that regard. It only got better for me in school when I was 16-17. I decided to take a stand and instead of engaging in listening or being present to endure that kind of behavior, I learned how to identify it early and avoid it. To this day, I can always pick out a bully. To this day I don't let these people win.

How many times was I physically assaulted while inside of my High School's walls? Not even like, "let's square up" fights, just reckless physical assaults - and that's not even the extent of all the other bullying I endured as a child. The answer though, about being assaulted in school, 11 times. 2 of them caused serious and permanent damage and still to this day trouble me. Out of everything, only one incident lead to charges and even then I declined to prosecute after learning of the family situation of the aggressor.

09/03/2020: Clear, essential, and without unreasonable features.

That's a better web. Of course you also have to provide some level of communication, connection, and creative. All I know for sure is that the web will be way different in 10 years from where it is today. Even more different than it was 10 years ago from now until today. That's the future of the web that is good for everyone though, because it'll evolve out of what it has become at points this year. Information overload without ability to filter effectively.

A lot of the most simple websites are the most useful. Advertising has made other sites morph into something that creates incentives for non-critical time-wasting activity. There was no controls for filtering this before, but I'm willing to bet there will be some soon. I've never really been overly wowed by a sites javascript features, annoying ads, etc. It also becomes a distraction from the best features of the web. Discovery and view-point growth.

09/02/2020: Napoleon II was Emperor for a few days in 1815. A lot of historians downplay this. However, I've also read a theory that Napoleon knew he was going to eventually be defeated so he prepared a series of three orders to be executed upon his capture that he considered to preserve his familes soveign status over France. Since he knew that he would be forced out by 1814 or so (even beyond his initial exile to Elba where his intent was to return), he prepared and wrote a series of scrolls to his son.

When he was exiled later that year he continued plotting these orders. He soon returned to France where he reestablished his rule. In 1815 he marched east to meet the advancing armies and as legend goes, gave his son his final orders under seal, which were also verbally already known to him. Since he eventually was forced to capitulate, it's a curious set of situations in the coming days (yes, only days).

Napoleon II formally took over, although he has no documented executive actions. It's odd that when N1 was exiled to St. Helena, some people think he was still trying to execute "one last order" because his son only got to carry out two of the 3 given. Rumor has it that Napoleon III eventually executed the final order in the 1850's, but I can't find any information on what it was.

It's striking to think that at just 3-4 years old, Napoleon II was set to rule such a vast territory by law. It isn't unbelievable to think that his rulership was rejected by the elites in France when Napoleon I attempted to abdicate in 1814. Considering N2 was "King of Rome" from birth, it isn't suprising that this play is right out of the ancient Roman playbooks. The play was to give authority to not yet qualified rulers at young ages with a support structure and legacy laws waiting to be unsealed. Mostly all of these laws would be gifted through ritual to the new ruler over the years as a gift from their predecessor. The only time this ever worked in any Western theatre that I've found was for Octavian Caesar Augustus, following through on the efforts of Gaius Julius to establish something like what ended up unfolding with the Roman Principate.

09/02/2020: I put up a basic contact section. If you want to reach me, this should be straight forward. You can find that here

09/02/2020: No - there should be no SAT or ACT requirement for any college. The concept of a GPA is sort of out dated too considering how broken the school system is to begin with. My view is that there should be a series of personal statements, basic reasoning tests, need for service/volunteer experience, and a generally excepted understanding or awareness of civics. The key entry factors should be awareness and desire for learning. Mostly everything else can be taught over the years.

A lot of the other stuff that these colleges have obsessed over for the past 50-80 years is just some artifical construct created by people who needed to place in the top of these achievement blocks for their own egos or status. Much of it is meaningless really. Anyone overly obsessed with any of those silos always confused me in ways too, almost like a uneasy vibe in their presense. Most of the SAT/ACT/GPA metrics are unproven factors of long term contributions to anything of value/merit, although it can be an indicator that someone will be more capable.

Many people with potential are disqualified for a variety of factors. They'll never have a shot at going to the top school and it'll usually come down to one concept: bullshit metrics.

There are some exceptions in my mind that may require additonal testing for placement. Those would be skills of the exact sciences, such as math, engineering, or other types of higher-level literary understandings, such as law. These should have to have an additional placement test to assess apptitude, but not completing a ACT/SAT test shouldn't disqualify a student from all other forms of college cirriculum/access for that factor alone. I even think the way grades are given out is suspect and inconsistent with values of progress. The concept of being disqualified from a college level dose of reason and social benefits for being incapable at that exact moment in just 1 assessed metric is a joke and obviously puts low income kids at a huge disadvantage right off the bat. If we're trying to become more fair, we have to start calling out these bs metrics we're letting control way too much of our systems.

There are more simple ways to evaluate potential that are also inclusive to various disadvantaged groups. We need to get better at helping various groups soon. It will strengthen our country to have more members educated with REASON without prejudice and ultimately should help fix inequality driven by so many prevented opportunities. If you can't see all the barriers to entry that are artificial and unneeded, you may not have your eyes set where they could do more good. Reforms.

09/01/2020: Doing some research on artillery tactics during the early 1800s. Facinating that high ground wasn't usually preferred to clear firing positions with dead ground on all sides. Hills and offensive position would be preferred to occupying overly high terrain because of how slow it was moving those positions when needed. It took around 150-200 horses to field 5 Cannons and 1 Howitzer. It would be impossible to move anything quickly without a major effort for any purpose besides plant and set offense.

09/01/2020: If I'm looking for information on ancient culture, I look to the authority in reference from authors before 1940~. The subjects and details of books from the early 1900s can be dull by todays standard, but the depth tends to be greater than what you would get in modern books. Many of the modern books are facinating, but there is a depth to the older ones that eliminates the need for extra words. For certain topics the era of 1950-1980 was strong too. It seems that some of the pontent factual writing declines after that. A generalization of course, but the style changes.

09/01/2020: Every morning between 4-6 am car alarms in my neighborhood have been going off. This has been going on for about two months now. One of the annoying things about the mystery is that I came out to move my vehicle the other day and it had the window pushed down. Upon additional inspection it seemed the trunk had been once overed/looked through by someone. Not just that, but my battery was drained and now my electircal system seems to have been cut too. Guess who gets to pay for that kind of thing? Me. I hate the concept of that, but it's the way it's become for many here lately. Theft/destruction of property for petty gain is the new normal. Not sure the best way to address that issue in such a dense city.

Just the other day, some people on my block had bikes stolen from inside their houses too. At a certain point you have to wonder how many people are working each neighborhood and if they're solo or organized.

09/01/2020: I've been studying web crawlers and web bots for about 12 years now. Every once in a while you get a new one popping up here and there. It's not much of an event at all because there are constantly new ones searching for things in an automated fashion so they're more or less written off. You can block various ones easily now a days too. I've seen the need to block certain bots being even more important when they originate from weird locations internationally.

Every once in a while a new one will spark some curiosity. The Applebot is significant enough to bring about questions of a possible incoming search engine offered by Apple. I could be wrong, but I believe they probably already have one that could compete if it were released and pushed out to the public. This would be a great thing for consumers in my eyes. Google is still so dominant in the segment that any large scale participant creates benefits to end users. I believe the added competition could be good for consumers overall. We'll see what happens. It may be too soon or even be a stretch to say that Apple web crawlers are the pre cursor to a full search engine, but it's not an impossible entry point.

08/31/2020: AI generated improvements in your photo shouldn't be allowed to be displayed as a "real photo". The photo was altered by AI and it should be noted or more widely understood when this occurs in advertising.

08/31/2020: {locked entry %X08HHNXPLMM3NA}

08/31/2020: Ideally, Microsoft will eventually be out of the application building business and focus on critical tech infrastructure only. I could see Azure eventually being one of these types of essential services. Microsoft has brought some of the best applications into the market over the years, but I don't see it being viable to continue to compete long term with standalone applications. To me, the company seems more dominant providing critical infrastructure and web services. Not sure if this type of situation could happen globally or in any less than 10+ years.

08/31/2020: Why do we need more Linux distros besides Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Red Hat, and Debian?

Some may ask, "why wouldn't we want more?" and I hear that approach too, but this is more about the real standing of each community. When I refer to standing I mean industry level cred. Addressing the important issues that professionals within the industry could evaluate more critically.

You have to pause and ask a serious question if you use anything else... do you know and trust your offshoot community to carry ethical and professional conduct in a manner that would bring you into the leauge of any of those listed here? Great, the first verison of your custom distro could run, but what happens if the community members haven't vetted out a control mechanism for continued publishing/updates over time? Community management is difficult. Even with all of the power of Github, and many active maintainers, it's still very difficult to manage the community. It still eventually becomes about people, vision, and alignment. When we're talking about an OS/System that isn't in a niche category, that type of unproven dynamic has always violated one of the big rules to abide by when choosing a distribution. You need to trust the distro leadership long term as much as you trusted an open source community on github before integrating their package in billable services for a segment like "enterprise". Enterprise requires stability and management, not just inventive practices.

If you're making a general purpose OS/build system for certain devices it's one thing, but if you want to compete in general user systems you shouldn't act to be as advanced as each of the previously listed distros without serious technical and organization depth, including management/pr/legal/outreach.

These other systems are what I call "replica base-systems". These are mainly systems built to function like the main/stable communities but have taken on a more fast moving approach for "now". Most of them share a common element once they gain popularity that is more easily resisted by the established and older distro operators. They will usually take on a philosphy of package adaptability vanity without the required or implemented benefits under the hood to keep the overall system secure or legal over the years. In order to satisfy many people, they tend to spread thin and allow too much. Just because a system is open source and you're redistributing a new collection doesn't mean you get to make up your own usage rules. There are many license related questions that need to be addressed first.

That issue of license reality mixed with the absense of many small tweaks make by various maintainers over the years, make less established distro use somewhat risky.

08/30/2020: One of the best things someone can do who currently occupies the plug to a power vacuum and is planning on pulling it out eventually anyway, is to simply transition control of the plug and step away entirely. It's a hard routine to get right and is the result of a fair amount of histories worst power struggles. A lot of people have been effective leaders over history. There have been less out of that crowd that effectively transitioned their role to another person.

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