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We are being slowly merged with the machine.

Like many of you, I started to realize that we were unwillingly being pushed towards a singularity sometime around 2012. This is a future where we live in a static yet living digital-ecosystem of properties outside of our control. Even though we don't control this future, it was created by us - or by some of us.

I asked myself one night, "What is the machine and why are we being forced to be a part of it?".

There were no good answers to be had, because the mystery was just starting for me then. Like many of you I've asked deeper questions then the one above, but unlike many of you, I continued to ask even more questions and go deeper towards the truth.

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Software is best developed in cycles.

Each cycle should have a different objective and the main
point of each turn should be establishing order and building in
undeniable consistency. The reason so much of the software we
are forced to use feels poorly designed is because it is.

Software is best built in cycles because this way of building
allows the end result to have established and undeniable

That consistency is what makes the software intuitive. I build
all of my software in cycles so that one day the software is able
to be used by others, but until it is consistent, I understand
it will only be used by me.

Many businesses that are in the software development business do not
understand this concept and their engineers don't know how to build
anything worth using because of it. Software worth using must be
developed in cycles where each rotation is an iteration of establishing
consistency first and foremost.

That's the opposite of what many in the industry do now. Software was
once built in this way more often. Now - The primary focus of most
software development agencies is on a single point deliverable. I've
never seen software that's worth using that's developed like this.
Mostly all of the software that is "great" was built out from an origin,
and later, through cycles become what you know it as today.

I think this is why a lot of the best projects get built by 1 or maybe
just 2 engineers. If there ware more than that - how can the project
maintain consistency? That's why I think it's more important than ever
at product facing organizations that anyone touching the product
actually has the tools to build the product alone if need be.
You can always tell when a product is the victim of too many cooks.

The best products get built over the years out of necessary cycles,
and eventually, much like a sculpture, the stone is set and form is
worth admiring. That's really when it should be put into the public

As for what my next batch of iterations are - I would like to think
they're now approaching the "final" initial stage before public
distribution. My work is now at a point where the consistency
is the primary focus, not the fuctionality or project focus.

By the end of 2023, I will have some of the most refined social-oriented
software developed in the world. It didn't just get build. I built
it with my own hands and although it wasn't easy, completion was the
objective - but not just as a single point of delivery. The goal was
to deliver the software as a the result of the required cycles - no
matter how many cycles it had to take on.

What's been built was refined and ordered over cycles that took many
years. Now - each new cycle cleans up just a little more - and soon,
there will be nothing left to ammend.

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# Shell: v2 -> 2023/01/01

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It takes a lot to become my enemy.

I don't always consider someone an enemy for hurting me in the past.

Someone who lets anyone that's wronged them become their enemy -
they aren't someone worth fighting with or for.

Who is the real enemy and how do you seperate them from the others?

The enemy continues to hurt you both now and in the
future, while the others get to a point where you no longer matter
to them and each of you reach a point of nonexistence
in the others eyes.

So to an enemy - you matter. And to you, they must matter too.

But it's like Lincoln said -
"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?"

But even honest Abe Lincoln had his limits.

And for everyone of principle at some point the limit has been reached.

At that point, you either meet each other on the field, or you let
each other fade away.

If you're my true enemy, you won't hear from me often.

But I'll always be close by. If you're now my friend, I'll you fade away.

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A muted riddle:
I exist, but few have seen me in over 10 years.
I sustained various damaging blows, but never bent my knee.
I'm not tough, but I am unable to be broken.
I one day existed in the real world and had many friends. But many of my best ones are now gone and will never be coming back.
Do you remember the days that we were friends? Because I do and I'm sad that we no longer are.
Who am I?
I am me.

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Welcome to the future.

It's just you here now.

No one has been by to check in on things
for a long time now.

"It's what happens" I hear often. But some of the people -
they became something different.

They don't even know themselves anymore. Like strangers in their
own bodies, they go about the motions. Causing destruction for
no good reason at all.

I guess that makes the right amount of sense. I more or less
disappeared because of it though. It wasn't everyone, but the
culture of today doesn't feel like we're going in the right
direction - when you say hi to someone now, it's like you're
interfering with their realm of being - a realm where no one
exists besides them.

Are you really that shocked? Look around at what's been happening

The phones, the internet. It's morphing peoples minds into something
interconnected yet seperate. Something fully together but entirely

Well, I don't have to participate in that.

I made a list of the last time I spoke to certain people from the

Some left in ways that aren't the way you leave someone when you
have any sense of purpose, integrity, or compassion. Certain peoples
worlds are like poison.

A poison only they are immune to.

But it's the day and the times. The times have changed.
But have the people? What's different about us now as humans?

Hardly anything from what I can see.

But here we are. With the hearts of many hardened to the possiblity
that better days are ahead.

But what happened to these people?

Was it trauma, or was it hubris?

What are we even looking for anymore?

With all these wants and needs... Do we want to survive or do we want
to own the ability for others to see us? I'm not sure - but we
should ask the question "why are we becoming the way we are now"
more often.

The past 5 years have been from a realm of distant ideas and

Like a foreign entanglement that many are stuck within. But why
are we stuck and for what reason are we really here?

Some would say that we're living our lives so we shouldn't
"worry about others." - but to me, many of these people are cowards.

Gossiping about things they hear, confirming nothing before spouting
off on some speculation about everything and anything at all. Of
course you could try confronting this behavior - but it's like air,
impossible to even get a grasp on it - and when you do it slips
outside your fingers.

Who could blame me for taking a back seat to it all?

I ask myself if anything really happened over all of those years.

Was I just passing by too?

Had we all just been running in circles or were we all on some
unknown and mysterious cosmic autopilot?

What were we waiting to regain before being better? Is being better
even important if no one can agree on what better is?

I was hopeful, but after experiencing the way some became, I'm not
as much as I once was.

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I setup the API for CORE.HOST™ to allow for cross-site requests on the fly and will allow people to generate content there to feed to any site they have setup alreadly. The CORE.HOST™ site is also coming along nicely and although I didn't update the public site for a while, a variety of features have already been beta tested and are ready to be implemented. This should happen within the next 4-6 weeks.