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Ryan McKenna

Hello everyone, welcome to my site. I haven't spent much time here lately because of all the time that was required to set up my current venture, New Entity Operations, LLC., but it was decided in late 2017 to finally make some updates into the marketing world and push out a new site that will be central to my story moving forward. It's running completely vanilla Python/Javacript/HTML on a series of custom-built binaries that I put together over a few years. Last year was a big turning point and some of the risks that I took then are starting to come around.

In the meantime, I hope to continue to improve the custom routing and sessions infrastructure here moving forward and apply new updates as I go.

Since 2013 I made it a mission to assemble a series of fully functional software suites and to gradually open source anything developed in a language that ended up becoming "legacy". You'll have to have something called a VCNKEY™ to make a pull request on a repo and I'm currently controlling who can do that.

It's amazing to think that this July (2018) marks the 10th year of being in business for myself, and although not all the ventures that were attempted accomplished their missions, many did and many more will in the years to come.

Learning about entrepreneurship, business, life, computer science, and many other topics inspired this website. It's running some nice software and it's worth sharing now that there is more media and editorial content to put here. I ended up deploying this thing without a traditional internet connection, using only an internet-connected hotspot while walking around San Francisco over six months or so.

You'll have to tell me how I did rating the skills I've picked up that are listed below. It's a rough estimate.

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